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Development circle with Dean Kenyon

A devlopment circle with Dean Kenyon for you who already explored mediumship, and want to take it to the next level and work with private sessions or platform mediumship.

You will learn the difference between certain energies and spiritual contact, and the most common problems that you can run into.

You will develop your senses and train those you use the least through different techniques. Dean will also give you his view on how he thinks that evidence should be given out to a sitter or an audience, and the importance of providing accurate and valid evidence from near and dear. He will also go through morality and ethics that you need to take with you when you meet clients.

You will work with your guides and understand more of how they communicate and interact with you. During the course there will also be role plays where you will sit with ”difficult” clients, to get tools to learn how to handle problems that can occur during a sitting or demonstration. For those of you who wants to work with platform mediumships, you will also get the chance to train your body language, speech, eye contact, handle noise and other disturbences etc.

Dean has been teaching mediumship since 2005.

We will start the 8st of September at Finnagården in Onsala, and there will be a total of 10 training sessions on thursdays.

Time: 18.30 -21.00

Cost: 2500 SEK

Intrested? Contact Caroline at Union of Hearts.

Tel. 0708899104 or use the below contact form.


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