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Melanie & Simon Blythe are coming to Union of Hearts

We hope you didn’t miss that Melanie and Simon Blythe are coming to Union of Hearts this Wednesday. You can book them for healing, trance mediumship and


Weekend course in Healing with Simon and Melanie Blythe

Trance mediumship with Melanie Blythe – FULL

Healingsessions with Simon Blythe

Private sessions with Melanie Blythe

More about Simon :

The original purpose of Reiki in Japan was for Spiritual development. Simon visited Japan in 1999, and received Reiki empowerments from a noted Japanese Reiki author, Hiroshi Doi. Also, training in techniques was received in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. As well as Usui Reiki, Simon is a Master in Karuna ® Reiki (compassion).

More about Melanie:

To be in a trance means to be in an altered state of consciousness, and for our purposes this weekend, this means that we shall be in a state of mind and being that permits us to access our soul and the minds of those who inspire us from other levels of existence. I use the term ‘other levels of existence’ because my intention is not just to help you to link in with those who have passed over into the Human Spirit World, but also to help you to connect to the other energies that share our planet with us and with Angelic Beings should you have them within your group of Inspirers.

The most important thing I can share with you at this point on my journey of life is to recognise that you have full responsibility for how you live. You have full responsibility for your own sacred space. You have full responsibility for changing the way you live, if you are unhappy. That may sound harsh, particularly if you are struggling at the moment, but everything, absolutely everything is about your mind-set. Believe it or not you can starve to death and still be content within.

My intention this weekend is to give you tools to use to find your own mind, your own emotions, your own Guides and your own soul. To do this you will need to enter into those altered states of consciousness that I am talking about. Your Guides can deliver philosophical words to help you to traverse the obstacles in your life and those who listen to them as you speak. They can drop thoughts into your mind and help you to look at things differently. What they will not do is live your life for you.

With increased sensitivity comes increased awareness of personal responsibility. With increased knowledge comes increased awareness of how much more there is to unfold and learn. Let us work together this weekend to see how deeply we can journey.

Love, Light and Peace,

Melanie x


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