Activities explained

Open circle

An open circle is an opportunity for you to try meditation, mediumship and to develop your intuition without signing up for a whole semester. The exercises vary from occasion to occasion depending on group and teacher.

Course / Closed circle

In a closed circle we are working with personal and spiritual development for a total of 10 occasions during one semester. We offer circles for both beginners and advanced and in different themes.


We meditate together in different themes and with different focuses.


We offer lectures in a whole range of different themes.

Platform mediumship

During an evening with platform mediumship, one or several mediums connect to the spirit world through family, friends and loved ones that arn’t among us anymore. The medium will describe the person from the other side until you know for sure who it is, and then deliver a personal message to you. Since this is an open event, we can not guarantee that everyone will get a message.

Courses & Workshops

We offer evening and weekend courses and workshops in different themes.

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Union of Hearts